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My must have baking equipment list
you know you want them

So truthfully, you can bake with whatever you have on hand. That's what Daily Bread is all about- baking with what you have on hand (equipment included)! But here's the thing, baking is a science. Science works best when you have the right tools. If you are baking frequently or complex desserts the right tools can really make or break it and make your results consistent. So I compiled a lists of my ride or die tools. This list includes all the things that I get out every time I bake and that I think make a difference in my results. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it's a start. I will add more things as I think of it! 


Do you need everything on this list in order to bake? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I want you baking regardless of the equipment that you have!! 

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these are my ride-or-dies

let's get baking

Kitchen aid stand mixer

Let's get this one out of the way... Every baker needs a stand mixer eventually. While an electric hand mixer does the trick, a stand mixer will create a better result! You can go new (wait for a black friday or other sale) or get a refurbished one. Yes its an investment but they last FOREVER. I am still using one that my parents got as a wedding present 25 years ago :)

Kitchen scale 

Okay hear me out. You might want to get a kitchen scale. Baking can be a precise science and a scale allows you to weigh ingredients to the gram. Not only does this yield in more consistent and accurate results, it also lends to less dirty dishes because you don't need to get out measuring utensils. They are pretty inexpensive and can be a game changer!

Food thermometer

I live and die by my thermometer. It is the key to perfectly baked dessert every single time. There is literally nothing worse than overcooked brownies or cake. A food thermometer ensures that your baked goods are the perfect temp without having to poke a million toothpicks in them. (Also it can be used for meat, which I highly recommend)

Glass liquid measuring cup

This is a kitchen classic. Hot, cold, liquid, solids... this cup does it all! It is great for melting butter and cleans up so easily. They come in a few different sizes and I find them all extremely useful. Get a few #noregrets

Cookie scoops

Yup. If you are making cookies semi regularly you should get a cookie scoop. It is so much easier than the old two spoon technique. Cookie scoops allow you to scoop cookies easily and uniformly! Also great for scooping cake batter or frosting. They come in a variety of sizes and I love this three pack. 


Air bake pans

You know when you are trying to make thick cookies and the cookie isn't cooked all the way through but the bottoms are WAY past golden (aka burnt). Well worry no more, I have your solution. Air bake pans! This pans are two seperated layers of aluminum with air in between. This air space allows for a much more even bake on your cookie. Honestly these are the only sheet pans I use in my ovens, any others are a no go ;) 

Offset spatula 

My most favorite decorating tool. Perfect for spreading anything and everything: frosting, butter, chocolate. The offset spatula has a handle has a little step down that allows you get into all the corners and crevices. This one is cute and barely takes up any space. 

A firm rubber spatula 

Firm. Firm is important. We don't want any flimsy spatulas because they do crappy scraping work. So firm ones are best. I also like ones that are one piece of silicone as opposed to a handle and the rubber topper because the topper always slides off or harbors junk.  Here's what I use!  


Honorable Mentions

  • Fat daddio cake pans

  • nordic ware bundt cake pan

  • zester/microplane

  • parchment paper

  • food processor

  • sieve/sifter 

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