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Bakery Review: Isles Buns And Coffee

Minneapolis, Minnesota

quest for the best cinnamon roll

The hunt for the best cinnamon roll is a never ending and valiant quest and of course I humbly do it for the people. Isles Buns and Coffee first came onto my radar during thanks to some family friends and I knew I had to try it. My mother and I are typically early risers (her more so than me) but I have a hard time sleeping past about 7 am. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

We made the drive across Minneapolis while the sun was still rising to a sweet little cafe on the corner. The windows were steamed up under the yellow and black awnings. Inside smelled like heaven which is par for the bakery course. We were greeted by the sweetest bakers. We definitely ordered with hungry stomachs.

Isles Buns and Coffee is famous for "Puppy Dog Tails." If you made a face while reading the name, you aren't alone. I did too. ;) However, the name does have meaning.

"Named by the preschoolers next door, our puppy dog tails are a perfect little treat. Small, twisted versions of our classic cinnamon roll, not too big, and well, if they’re too small just order more."

Everything we got was FRESH out of the oven. We loaded up on caramel rolls, carrot cake, walnut and fruit coffee cake, fresh squeezed orange juice, and of course puppy dog tails.

Wow. Everything was AMAZING. The puppy dog tails were hands down my favorite. The dough itself was slightly sweet with a light cinnamon swirl slathered in icing. The fruit coffee cake was my second favorite. A flavorful brown sugar cake studded with walnuts, various fruits, and topped with a sweet and grainy crumb topping. I loved the strong walnut flavor but if your not a fan of nuts I would choose something else. The best way to start the weekend morning hands down. Next time your in Minneapolis make it a pit stop, its worth it!




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