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Coconut Pound Cake

I wanted to create two recipes for Easter for the blog this year so this is the first of two. When I think about easter flavors: I immediately jumped to coconut. Honestly, I am not sure why coconut=Easter in my head (maybe from the creepy bunny and lamb cakes covered in shredded coconut) or the fake shredded grass used in easter baskets that **looks** like shredded coconut. Whatever the reason, Easter seems like the perfect excuse to buy a bag of shredded coconut to use as fur or better yet in this coconut pound cake.

You know when you get a coconut cake and it just takes fake, like when you accidentally open your mouth while spraying coconut scented sunscreen. Yeah, this cake is not like that. AT ALL. This cake uses three versions of coconut: shredded, canned coconut milk, and coconut extract to make an authentic but discernible coconut flavor. The canned coconut milk gives the cake a true coconut flavor and so much moisture. Coconut milk has a high fat content as well which adds to the density of the cake. The shredded coconut adds much needed texture since we are using it both toasted and untoasted. But we can't forget about the extract, and no it's not cheating. Truthfully, the flavor of coconut that we know and love is really the flavor or coconut extract. True coconut products, like coconut milk, have a much more earthy and fatty coconut taste which is why an extract is essential in making coconut baked goods. Without it, the coconut flavor is a little **too** subtle and it doesn't invoke the the full glory of a coconut dessert. I promise it won't taste fakey, I wouldn't do that to you ;)

I decided to bake this in a loaf pan for two reasons: 1. EASE 2. tradition The idea behind all of these recipes here on daily bread are that they are easy and accessible for everyone and I've found that in general people tend to shy awake from cakes. While there definitely is a time and place for pretty layer cakes, (i'm working on one for the blog right now) I wanted this recipe to be more of an "everyday baking" kind of recipe. The loaf pan allows it to bake evenly and the frosting talent required in minimals since you only have to spread it across the top. Easy to assemble but it still yields a pretty presentation! The second reason is because it's traditional! Pound cakes are typically baked in a bundt pan or a loaf pan because they are so dense. This recipe was definitely better suited for a loaf pan.

This coconut pound is the definition of lush. She's soft, oh so moist (sorrrrry), and loaded with coconut flavor. The crumb is dense and sweet. Plus its topped with a thick coconut icing and toasted coconut. Sweet coconut paradise.

Loaf pan notes: I used a stoneware loaf pan. I highly recommend a stone loaf pan as they tend to larger and conduct heat more evenly through the baking process

Cakes always take a little longer to make as they need to be cooled and then frosted and a loaf pan cake takes extra long to bake but I promise its worth the wait. I put the difficulty at a 3 because it is a basic cream method cake that uses a hand or stand mixer but you do also have to make the icing and frost it! Easy steps but there are a few of them.

As always,if you make this tag me on insta @lauren_lavin. You can also send me any comments or questions there or leave them here on the blog!


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