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GF/DF Chocolate Banana Bread

Hi friends! Welcome to the very first recipe on my blog. I am so excited to be starting a blog to share easy and everyday recipes with all of you. While I love making cakes and desserts for special occasions, my absolute favorite kind of baking to do for myself is easy everyday baking which is what this site is all about!

I actually made this healthy banana bread recipe a while ago and put it on my Instagram but thought it needed a reference place here. It's amazing and something you can feel good about baking and starting your morning off with! You know when you want a brownie for breakfast but also don’t want a sugar crash at 9:30 am?? Tell me I am not alone. Some days I would eat a brownie for breakfast and other days I want something that tastes brownie-ish but is disguised as a more acceptable breakfast option. Enter Brownie Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!


"A GOOD breakfast is the start of a GOOD day"


This banana bread is fudgey, chocolatey, and perfectly sweet. Best of all, it's gluten and dairy-free! The almond flour adds a little extra protein and the natural sugars from the bananas and maple syrup help to curb intense blood sugar spikes. This is the breakfast brownie that everyone has been waiting for. So get to it!

All of my recipes include an "effort scale" because I think you should know what you are getting into. Like is the work worth the reward?! Gotta love a good cost benefit analysis

chocolate banana bread effort scale
Honestly, this recipe is so easy it would be a shame not to make it. You literally just need to stir everything together.

Heres what you need to get out:

  • mixing bowl

  • whisk

  • spatula

  • loaf pan

  • parchment paper/ nonstick spray

Notable ingredients:

  • almond flour- most stores carry this now days but you want the super fine kind (makes the bread have less of a gritty texture)

  • PURE maple syrup- you need the real deal... leave the log cabin on the shelf! (could sub honey)

Now onto the recipe! (to save it as a pin just click the recipe card and it will take you to a link on pinterest that you can save)


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