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Gluten Free/ Dairy Free Peanut Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Say that name a few times 🤪


Okay but really these cookies are the bomb. I hesitated to put gluten and dairy free in the name because when many people see that they automatically assume it equal fun free. But these are definitely NOT fun free. In fact, these are FULL of fun, and peanut butter, and oats, AND chocolate chips. They have perfectly crisp edges while the insides stay nice and soft (aka the perfect cookie). You won't even remember that they are gluten and dairy free and whoever you serve them to won't know unless you tell them (your secret is safe with me).

The reason that these cookies are SO. GOOD. even though they are gluten and dairy free is because they don't use substitutes for gluten and dairy but instead just use ingredients that are naturally gluten and dairy free like oats and peanut butter. Oats replace the need for flour as they soak up the moisture and bind the cookies together. Peanut butter gives the cookies the necessary fat for moisture and indulgence. Just remember to use certified gluten free oats and dairy free chocolate if necessary!

Let's get to the nitty gritty. These cookies embody everyday baking as everything in them are staple pantry ingredients [well at least in my house :)]. You will need to get out you hand or stand mixer to mix them all up. Also, it's important to chill these cookies. Is it an annoying step? Yes. Do you really have to do it? Also yes. I recommend putting them in the freezer for at least an hour. You can then bake them right from frozen. This prevents them from spreading everywhere and helps the cookies to get those crispy edges but soft middles.

These cookies are made using the basic cookie method which is creaming the sugar and fat first, beating in the eggs, mixing in the dry, and finally throwing in those chocolate chips. Not hard. But waiting is hard so the freezing time adds a little extra effort to these babies but its worth it!

What you need to get out:

  • mixer (hand or stand)

  • a scale (if you hate measuring peanut butter via a measuring cup as much as I do)


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