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Guinness Chocolate Cake with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting

Happy St. Patricks Day! As a former Irish dancer I have a deep love for this holiday and spent many years dancing my heart out in parades and shows during St. Patty's week. There is nothing like dancing on sticky bar floors at 10 am to a room of cheering adults sloshing green beer everywhere as a middle schooler to celebrate the holiday ;). As irish dancers we definitely looked to this holiday and being asked the question "Is that your real hair?" at least 25 times (and for the record it was not- we wore really curly wigs). The best St. Patty's Day celebrations include guinness, dancing, and some very loud irish music playing in the background.

But here's the thing, I think Guinness is gross. Maybe it's an acquired taste and I haven't given it enough of a shot but I don't think that's going to change in the near future. However, you can't really celebrate St. Patricks Day without a guinness or at the very least a green beer so I decided to throw it in a cake. Guinness has a sweet malty flavor that reminds me a little of molasses and chocolate so I thought it would make the perfect chocolate cake. And IT DID.

This guinness chocolate cake has a deep, rich chocolate flavor that you can't get without guinness. The guinness also gives it a malty flavor which is pleasantly unexpected. The crumb of the cake is perfect, nice and light while still being rich in flavor. Topped with Bailey's frosting it is Irish perfection. This is a one bowl, one layer chocolate cake but you could always double the recipe if you wanted to stack the layers or bake it in a 9x13 cake pan. I topped it with Bailey's Irish Cream cream cheese frosting but if you're not a Bailey's fan just substitute the Bailey's with milk.

Here's what you need to get out:

  • stove top pan

  • mixing bowl

  • whisk

  • 8 inch round cake pan

  • non stick spray

A few things to note:

  • you have to use guinness in this cake! Any kind will do, or even any other dark stout beer but don't replace it with water. The cake won't taste the same!

  • You could bake this cake in an 8x8 square pan if you wanted to make cake bars or double the recipe and put it in a 9x13 pan

  • Heating the ingredients over the stop top is essential because it deepens the flavor of the cocoa and helps the guinness to reduce down and remove it's bitter flavors

  • The addition of sour cream to chocolate cake is the KEY for getting a moist and rich cake.

The cake itself is pretty easy but you do have to heat up the ingredients which takes a step beyond an easy box mix. And you gotta make some frosting which is also pretty easy but an additional step for sure. And frost the cake which can be whole thing ;) I gave it a three, yes there are a few steps but as far as a cake goes I think it is on the easier side!

Here's the recipe! If you make it make sure to send me a message or tag me @lauren_lavin on insta! I love to see you baking ❤️❤️

If you like, it leave a comment so others know!




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