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Healthy Zucchini Banana Bread (GF/DF)

It's the middle of summer which also means its ZUCCHINI SEASON. Here in the midwest zucchini seems to be the home gardener's vegetable of choice. They are everywhere and only so many ways to make zucchini baked goods. 🤪 Typically zucchini breads are loaded with sugar so I tried to make this one a little more sugar conscious by using bananas and maple syrup as the sweeteners. In addition, I used a combination of gluten free flour to maintain the texture and almond flour to add a protein punch.

This zucchini bread is everything you want in a zucchini and less of the things you don't. Its ridiculously moist. (sorry not sorry) Warm and comforting without feeling heavy thanks to the cinnamon and vanilla. Just cozy enough that it feels indulgent and filling. The banana adds sweetness and gives a little hint of banana bread that we all love. This is zucchini bread done right!

Personally, I love the slight flavor that coconut oil brings to baked goods but if you're not a fan feel free to substitute with any oil. The lovely thing about this zucchini bread is that the flavor is great as is thanks to the cinnamon and vanilla but if you want to add your own flair feel free to add some mix ins. I have been on a walnut kick lately thanks to Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies with walnuts (TO DIE FOR) so I added those and chocolate chips. And let me tell you- heavenly!

I love that this recipe comes together in one bowl with minimal mixing. With the addition of both fruit and veggies, protein from the almond flour and some natural sweetener you can feel good about baking this up and eating it anytime!!


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