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Vintage Buttermilk Brownies

This recipe started from another one of my old cook books. This particular book had at least two full pages full of brownie recipes that I knew I needed to try. But here's the thing with "brownie" recipes from old cook books, they are NOT brownies like we know and get from a box today. These brownies are like the ones your grandma makes or you had at church potlucks. They are ultra moist and cake like with a thin chocolate glaze that develops the shiniest thin crust. These brownies are the ones that sit in a big jelly roll pan on the counter and you cut a little piece off each time you walk by. Yeah its those. Also, this type of brownie is commonly referred to as texas style sheet cake which you may be familiar with!

So I chose one of the recipes to use as my base and made it just as the recipe directed. However, upon trying it I was a little disappointed in the lack of chocolate flavor and I thought it needed to be a little puffier ;) So I made changes and they turned out **perfect**.

Now this recipe is a little funky, and requires more work than typical brownies but its worth it my book. It starts by melting butter and water and adding that to your dry ingredients. The hot liquids added to the cocoa powder is called blooming which activates the cocoa and brings a richer chocolate flavor to the brownies. Then add in eggs, vanilla, and buttermilk and you have your batter! (Note: I think real buttermilk is key to these brownies but I also know that going to the store for just buttermilk is annoying you can sub with the buttermilk vinegar hack:1/2 cup milk + 1/2 tbsp vinegar)

For the frosting it's a classic stovetop recipe that you mix over medium heat until boiling and then stir in powdered sugar and vanilla.

There is something so nostalgic with brownies like these. I think part of it is the memories they bring back and the other part is the instant crowd please they become. There are few things better than watching everyone enjoy something you made... This is one of those recipes.


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