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I call myself

a bakery enthusiast.

finding the best bakeries across america

I am a self proclaimed bakery ENTHUSIAST. Every time we travel, you know I’m looking the best place to score something sweet. Being from the Midwest, I have been to my fair share of mom and pop bakeries that serve the most down-home delectable treats, but the Midwest is also home to some excellent and innovative dessert shops too. There is something so unique about wide range of Midwestern bakeries that I have come to adore. On this blog I aim to highlight how amazing our Midwestern bakeries really are and to help you find a little sweetness wherever you might be traveling.  

I am always looking for new recommendations and often times the best places are not the ones at the top of Yelp… so if you have a favorite send me a DM on instagram and tell me where I need to go!! 

Have a bakery that I need to go to?

Let me know!

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